SAVIATION – 7200 – Aircraft Interior Cleaner

Saviation – 7200 is a multifunctional water based, water dilatable Special-Cleaner and deodorant. Designed specially for cleaning all aircraft interior.
Appearance: Liquid with pleasant odor .
pH: 8.5 – 9.5 .
.Non flammable in concentrate or dilute form .
.Can be used by hand cleaning, spray, foaming, and on wipe off cleaning .
.Safe on vertical or overhead surfaces, no flash point, pleasant odor, vapors is non toxic .
.Very effectively penetrates and removes heavy greasy soils .
safe on glass and acrylic plastics, painted and unpainted surfaces, high-strength steel, plastics, on all common aircraft metals, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, cadmium etc.
Mil-L-85762 .
AMS 1550B .
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