SAVIATION – 7000 – Surface Cleaner

Saviation – 7000 is a clear amber alkaline concentrated liquid designed to be diluted with water to clean painted and unpainted aircraft exterior surfaces by spraying or mopping methods.
Saviation – 7000 removes synthetic oil films, greases, carbon and exhaust residues from aircraft exterior surfaces as well as landing gears, wheel wells and flaps.
Appearance: Clear amber liquid .
pH: 9.5 – 11 .
.Non flammable in concentrate or dilute form .
.Will not stain or streak aluminum .
.Readily soluble in water at recommended dilutions .
.Free of chromate, phenols, phosphate and solvents .
.Readily rinses from aircraft surfaces with water .
.Will not craze Plexiglas .
.Will not attack asphalt or concrete ramps .
AMS 1526B .
BOEING D6-17487 .
MIL-PRF-87937D .
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